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Japanese vegetarianism was almot acquired by Taiwan's new religion.
That new religion is Taiwan's new religion.
It is not only in Japan.
They expand the restaurant franchise That is the base for make own believers all over the world.
In the following way vicious, they have done around the world to expand believer at the target country .
The new cult religion are inviting to many normal vegetarians to their religion's event of staying in far travel.
And at the same time, They hided that they are the new religion yet! What do you think about this? Do you accept to your important family about join to that their religion event??? I was in that scene at that announced place.
Taiwan's new religion is the International new religion.
I can't decided about I act for this problem or not one month,realy.
That event is tokyo vege-festa that is biggest vegtarian event in Japan.
Taiwan's new religion acquired this event original organizer Miyazaki.
So Taiwan's new religion got this event organizer.
And Taiwan's new religion acquired NPO Japan Vegetarian Society too.
Experimenter doing the HR of NPO Japan Vegetarian Society is not a vegetarian.
NPO Japan Vegetarian Society is not have purpose for animal, purporse included religion.
It's terrible ! Further Taiwan's new religion acquired organizer of vegetarian comunity on mixi (mixi is most famous SNS like facebook) So, NPO Japan Vegetarian Society sponsored to This Taiwan's new religion's event(vege-festa).
Kyoto-vegetarian-festa have invited Taiwan's new religion every year.
They acquired the major organizations and key persons of Japan vegetarianism in this way.
And, Yukiko Sugihara who Supreme Master's top member in Japan stole the documentary of Japanese dolphin issue made by a Japanese free journalist for own fame.
This documentary used and edited without permission of the copyright and notice to copyright holder for own fame.
That documentary maked person is Mr.Sakano.
He is a free journalist in Japan.
I had met to him on face-to-face.
http://www.gem.hi-ho.ne.jp/circlet/ .
They stole my site data(vegetarian restaulant report data)too.
And They made own vegetarian organization in Japan.
That is vege culture netowork.
They expand the restaurant franchise That is the base for make own believers all over the world.

If you use this restaurant, They will use that thing like advertising sign for getting own believers.
Please do not relate these persons.
If you use this restaurant or you relate these people, That mean you support Taiwan's new religion.
and make relations with Taiwan's new religion.
Caution! Please don't relate for you any activities.
In Japan, If some vegetarian said to non-vegetarian that I am a vegetarian, Do you entered the strange religion? Often happens in this conversation in Japan, "Before" Seforesuprememaster made this problem .
Japanese vegetarian has not received citizenship, such as Europe and the United States.
Japan is this stage.
There was a terrorist attack with sarin subway new religion in Japan.
So,Any activities related to the cult religion can not get approval and support in Japan.
All animal welfare activities that is joined many vegetarian is absolutely become shackles in this situation.
it's necessary making VEGAN or Vegetarian Society not related cult religion.
Japan vegetarianism became very terrible situation.
Key persons of Japan vegetarian are doing most bad act Vegetarianism must is pure.
Vegetarianism is not a tool for acquiring cult member.
So, I started to the action for protect to Japanese vegetarian people,vegetarianism and activities of animal welfare that many vegetarian joined from shady new religion.
I'm working on this problem over the my life realy.
it's necessary establishment VEGAN or Vegetarian Society not related cult religion and active for animal welfare to save Japan Vegetarianysm.
I complained to the establishment of the Japan Association VEGAN vegetarian to save Japan vegetarianism.
I persuaded to a lot of vegetarians about the vegetarian culture crisis in Japan again & again! I persuaded to , NPO Japan Vegetarian Society a few officers Many key persons on vegetarianism in Japan.
But, NPO Japan Vegetarian Society has appointed several officers Taiwan's new religion's mamber's this further after my persuasion.
The most vegetarian famous event organizer became that religion member.
Mainstream in Japan vegetarianism that are governed by the new religion.
In this situation The almost Japanese people are not judged in justice and Logical thinking about the social future .
Japanese people only afraid of fear of own isolation.
Almost vegetarians who was persuaded by me about crisis by them who only scared.
The basic Japanese temperament are not judged in justice and Logical thinking about the social future .
Japanese people only afraid of fear of own solation.
A person can not own judgment and action.
There are many people fluttering in mainstream .
Only so much Mainstream in Japan vegetarianism that are governed by the new religion.
So,My convincing activity was extremely difficult .
You know.

In this situation
Many people go away from me after I tackle this problem.
Prior to that, I had participated in the meeting for animal rights with many vegetarian friends every month.
The person who interfere with my activity for save Japan vegetarianism was appeared .
The most obstructed person is couple of Orihara.
The most evil person are couple of Orihara.
I do not know whether or not they are believer,
Akihiro Orihara refused my offering that is the demonstration for dolphin and whale 2007,
He rejected twice my offering across the period.
Akihiro Orihara bank transferred my money by own name to The original organizer of Tokyo vege-festa who gave own organizer position and created a crisis of Japanese vegetarian.
He wante position oforganizer of Tokyo vege-festa.
I was announced do an event with Mr.
Scott of Sea Shepherd,But Steve Nakata and Kyoko Tanaka has intercepted this meeting.
Suddenly Orihara couple that I've been a terrible refused such as my offer to the issue of dolphin hunting,They cut in this meeting.
Kyoko Tanaka are linked to Orihara .
Orihara couple as soon as know about I began to act for the issue of dolphin hunting, Orihara couple who refused and refused my offer started the issue dolphin hunting suddenly.
Akihiro Orihara was repeatedly saying he wants to connect to Sir Paul McCartney.
They dont want others plays an active part animal welfare.
It is really silly values.
They are doing many thing for own fame .
Foundation of social problems is greed, greeder person.
The Person for the purpose of privete interests, who can start to working on the issue whether the international new religion? Please think about can it.
There are many people who want to get own fame by relationship with prominent you.
I don't have that purpose.
I was convincing to the last Two key persons about that Let's make an a vegetarian organizations active in animal welfare that are not related to the promotion of religion! Emi Orihara stole those two people to the guest appearance in the event of Taiwan's new religion.
Emi Orihara was the most vicious sabotage.
Orihara couple interst for own fame who was the most disturbing my VEGAN association establishment.
Japan VEGAN association made by Orihara couple and akiko iwasa with Taiwan's new religion initially core members.
So,I pursued that.
Taiwan's new religion is withdrawal.
I said every offer that please stand organaizer of new clean vegetarian association by every offering time.
After that,They made Vegan association with Miyake who is guru of another new religion of Japan.
That new religion that is purported to say peace in the healing business.
In the world of Japanese vegetarian extremely serious in this way, In the world of Japanese vegetarian diet extremely serious in this way,
Orihara couple dont want others plays an active part animal welfare.

Emi Orihara was to act as a spy or followers of Taiwan's new religion All of the factors, Confused by the new religion in Japan.
If there is confusion,generate evil persons desired own position own fame appear to capitalize on it's natural flow.
They dont want others plays an active part animal welfare.
It is really silly values.
In this situation, I make success about well-known about this issue in Tokyo.
So,Many famous restaurants that are participating every year are not entry that Taiwan's new religion event in last year!!

By the way ,
Are you did the effort to collect the local people in the event of your Taiji?

I wear a T-shirt on inside out COVE on September 2,
And I had a talk with the people who are working in Katsuura fishery falls within the union.
I:What do you think about the economy?

I:November, the ship becomes to several hundred,Now that I little.
worker:Young people are less

Fishing port was deserted.
I:There are little ships Now?
worker:Now There are a few ship?

worker:Katsuura's ship itself is little.
worker:Whether the 10 ships

worker:In November, the ships become several hundred from all around Japan .
(This conversation is not limited to dolphin hunting, Unfortunately.
Did you know that?)

I:Although foreigners come here by thing of the dolphin,
I:What do you think?
During a session with the musicians and dancers,
I regret about I should go to stop the singing woman who obstruct performance.
There are two persons who main obstructing in right wave group at that time .
I am ashamed that I did not go to stop the obstructer .
I was afraid that you can not make event inTaiji if I make the trouble in Taiji by the self-consciousness crap.
But, if I would go to stop the obstructing singing woman , It will be possibility that someone come out to follow me to help.
There may be a possibility that It' will be barry-san? We(Japanese) gave a terrible feeling time to those who came to Japan from abroad by right wing women who obstruct performance.
This is embarrassing.
I was sorry I really can not do anything.
I sincerely apologize to everyone.
One Japanese boy was almost doing a fight with right wing and will make to get in trouble.
If the boy & right wing person are brought into contact, That right wing person would say that I'm beaten or I had torn my clothes It would be the situation that concocted and is file a damage report to the police.
If that happens, I was feared the possibility about your event can not be performed at that place.
I persuaded him, But that did nor protected by me.
that trouble was able to avoid by police men formed the wall of people between the boy and right wave person.
The terrible women one of the right wing obstructed to
the performance.

I saw that women in front of Tokyo electric power corp actually at no-nuke demo.



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